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Creativity: To Be or Not To Be

In today’s schools, there is not a variety of paths students are given to follow.  This could be potentially harmful to the students education.  This lack of variety has taken the creativity out of the education system.  The important question is whether there is a place in schools where creativity can thrive.  Creativity in our schools has mostly been replaced by a lack there of and by the institution of stricter curriculums. Most schools now only teach in order to prepare for children for standardized test and thus it is just a repetitive process. But is creativity absence a positive or negative development?

Through my research I have found that the level of creativity in schools can affect the level of education and the amount of true education that the students receive. Students are only a small factor; the teaching technique is what is really affecting the education and how much the students absorb.  The American system is very different from any other educational system in the world. The difference in the American system and the European system is that the European system promotes creativity more, and thus there education is better according to Klaus K. Urban who wrote the article “RECENT TRENDS IN CREATIVITY RESEARCH AND THEORY IN WESTERN EUROPE”. According to Urban there is a huge difference in the amount of creativity that is used in the American and European systems. He believes that if you follow the information on how Americans’ test and how Europeans’ test that there is a connection between the two of them. He thinks that because the European system involves more creativity that it helps the students be able to think much more critically and creatively.

The American system is trying to put too many restrictions on learning and its taking away from our new children’s education. According to Ashley Spears article, there have been restrictions in even the most basic of classes constraining creativity. In art classes in America, there are very strict guidelines on what must be taught and how to teach it, but is art not the essence of creativity. The American school system it putting up guidelines and restrictions on even the most basic of ideas, leading to a problem with the education that the students are receiving. They are trying to put restrictions on what the people of the world and our ancestor’s have done for more than a few thousand years.  Some students may not take this very seriously but why should we want to punish others for trying to break the barrier of modern art. We should encourage new ideas not meet them with negativity and shun the people who are trying to do this. This is what the American education system is promoting.

A problem with our education system is that it is promoted by our society. Our society just wants people to know the raw facts and not truly understand what they know. I believe that this is a way to restrict power because knowledge is power. If as a society you keep people ignorant and not knowledgeable then they cannot think of new ideas that could better change our society. If we do not teach creativity it is impossible to advance in ideas or to research and hypothesize about what could or will happen when something is done. According to the article “Can You Really Teach Creativity?” the author believes that a person does not truly learn how to be creative until you reach the university level, but believes that people would be better suited to start learning how to be creative at an earlier age. The author believes that the parents should first instill creativity in and then the they should then be instilled creativity from education.

I think that there is a combination of all of these ideas and truths that could help our American education system. We need to put creativity in our schools by adding it to their curriculums or depending on what the curriculums are maybe we should take away from them. We need to achieve what the European countries have had for some time, a sound and solid education focused not only on learning, but also on thinking and the ability to problem solve. Because true problem solving is the ability to use new ideas to fix a problem that you are currently encountering, and new ideas are thought of by being creative.  We need to find a way to promote creativity in our schools like it is in the business world, were if you come up with a new idea that you could potentially be rewarded. We need to find a way to embrace creativity

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