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Computers Meet the Need

One major problem I see in the education system is that teachers need to teach students to their individual needs. If one student is weak in math, take extra time to help him/her don’t move on just because the majority of the class has gotten the concept. We need to stop trying to fit all students in the same mold and teach them all the same way. Automated class rooms might be the answer to everyone prayers.

Millions of students in the United States suffer from some sort of a disability, which makes it hard for them to learn in the typical classroom setting. Recently some schools have been doing research to see if technology is the key. Computer-based education can provide curriculum that is specific the help each child learn. With the computer educations and teachers can come up with a larger variety of learning activities for the student to do. Certain activities could exploit the child’s strengths and reveal the child’s weaknesses to help educators know what changes need to be made for each child.

Parents want their children to succeed, and they’ll do almost anything to ensure a proper education. Parents now days have turned to video game systems to help teach their children. This is more so true in the 4-12 years of age range. Such games as Time4Learning and LeapFrog, all have been educational top ranked games that parents are buying. It is a way to entertain and educate children through means of computers and game systems. Technologies can excite to student and make them want to learn. With gaming it makes the student available to reinforce math, reading, and other skills outside of the class room.

The technology is already available for individualized education. Most schools now days offer an online/homeschooling programs such as Ecot. For a school district to take on individualized electronic education the hardest part would be the funding so that every student would have a computer to use. The average school in the United States only has one computer for every 24 students. Proper funding would be needed. The other problem would be developing curriculum for each student. This could be done but having the student take an achievement test or periodically take quizzes that would help let the teachers know what subjects that student needs help with.

Most colleges in America have online classes that students can take. As the student goes through the curriculum and assignments, if he/she doesn’t understand something the professor can Email the student documents or information that might better explain the subject. Also with an online class the student has the ability to use the web to help with classes. Some may argue that they’re cheating by looking up answers; but I argue that in life it’s not what you know, it’s what you can research and find. Using the web or other sources isn’t cheating it using your resources.

Schools already offer (IEP) individualized education plans for students that are considered “special education” or that mat have a disabilities. The ability for educators to size up what a student needs help with is there as well as the technology. All we need to do is now convince the parents and school districts that each student should have a plan developed for just for them to meet their education needs; that way every student’s abilities will be exploited and they get the best out of their education. Individualized education plans would better prepare students for college and to join the work force. IEPs are the way to take each student out of a mold and make them unique, where they get help in subjects they are lacking in.

If schools would get outside of the box of traditional or standard education practices the students would benefit tremendously. Take what we know about individualized learning plans of children with special needs and apply it towards every child, with the combined technology of computers to make it easier on the teaching staff and the students and what you’ll have is an education system that reaches to all students with better effectiveness than previously seen through traditional standards. All that is needed is a community backed program and sufficient funding to get it started. Once the initial cost is covered it will benefit future generations as well as the present.

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