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Teacher Tenure

The old sayings were graduate high school and get the career that will make you happy.  Then it was go to college in order to get the career for you.  Now it is getting to the point where you have to go to graduate school in order to get your master’s degree to do all that.  In order to attend college it cost a lot of money and time in order to get the degree.  The faster you get through college the less you have to pay, and the less time you have to be in school as well.  Unfortunately students now days are not prepared enough for college.  General pre-requisite classes are needed for them in order to take the college courses.  This causes the student to spend a lot more money than what they should have to if they were prepared knowledgeably.  The key question here is why students are lacking in general knowledge?  There are many reasons that could be link to this but we are going to discuss why tenure from teachers is the cause of this problem in America.

What teacher tenure is in fact a contract that protects the teacher’s career.  A teacher goes through an evaluation process after so many years teaching at a school then is granted Tenure.  The contract says that the teacher can not be laid off or fired from “arbitrary nonrenewal” (Teacher Tenure).  Teachers are even paid by salary instead of by wages.

Within Eaton High school where yours truly went there were so many teachers who had tenured but also had a bad characteristic behavior toward education.  Since these teachers had tenure their teaching dropped dramatically turning them into the cool teacher by not assigning homework.  This is a good thing to students but they don’t know any better about how education plays on their future.  These teachers only are about getting their money by doing the least amount of work possible.  The only thing they kind of cared about was getting you out of high school by barely passing the minimum requirement so they wouldn’t have to see you again.  Teachers never educated the student about what college they should look into or what the student wanted to major in.  They didn’t even go into some of the demands of certain majors and type of education you need in to benefit them.  What the teachers thought was that if you passed the Graduation test then they have done their job.  Even making student knowledgeable of different colleges and scholarships out there was not mentioned.  In turn it is not helping our students get through college faster due to general knowledge they don’t obtain.  It also doesn’t make college less expensive for parents when their kids could have got scholarships.

What needs to be done is pushing the teachers to educate better.  According to Kersten which did a study with “291 Illinois School Board presidents” said that “51%” of the presidents announced that “eliminating teacher tenure would increase student achievement”.  On top of that he found out that “91%” of another majority of responses said “tenure law inhibits the dismissal of below average teachers.”  Which Michelle Rhee which was chief of the District of Columbia schools had a unique way of doing this.  The way is by taking away tenure and for those who did have tenure though would get a raise in their paycheck.  The reason for this is because; there will always be better people out there that are very good at teaching student who can take their job.

Now Tenure was thought up and is a great thing for teachers.  They do make sure that they can’t get fired for certain things like religion problems, or personal problems.  It also is great for them because, it makes sure that they get a certain salary of money each year no matter what.  This is a great thing for those teachers who actually want to make a difference in student’s lives.  Even for those really good teachers they may get that student who just doesn’t want to try anymore but that’s not all the teachers fault.   So Tenure is a good thing to protect them from getting fired so they can help may more students.

There are still bad things with tenure even though there are good things as well.  In turn teacher tenure should be existent but should also be able to be broken for those bad teachers.  So the teacher should have a choice of getting a pay raise for letting their tenure go just like Michelle Rhee proposed or keep it for this other option.  School will have more supervision of teachers around the schools.    So that when a teacher is not doing their job by helping their kids learn and making it a fun place to be then they should get their tenure taken away.  This will still increase the teacher’s motivation to teach students but also eliminate those bad teachers.  Tenure will still be available for those teachers who are making a difference but when they start to down fall then they will be gone.  This seems kind of harsh but there should be a three strike concept for teachers with tenure so they don’t get fired off a little thing.  Also there will be other teachers, supervisors, walking in to their classroom unannounced to make sure they are doing a good job. Then that supervisor will go to the education board of that school to talk about those teachers performances to make the decision if they should be let go or not.

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