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Full-Day Kindergarten is for the Best!

Do you remember your own kindergarten days? Did you go a full day or half day? I went to kindergarten for a full day and I believe it helped me get farther with my education. I can remember sitting in the class and doing activities and making friends that stayed with me all through school. Kindergarten would have to be one of the best memories of my life. All parents want to hear their child say that, right? When I went to school a full day I feel as if it prepared me for the real learning. I was excited to be going where my big brother and sister went. Kindergarten is where I learned to read, write, and make friends. I got to ride the bus home with my brother and sister, which made my self-esteem a lot better. Full day kindergarten should be one of the main issues in education reform. Full day kindergarten should be made a have to in every school system because it would benefit the child.

Full day kindergarten is a good idea because later in life students benefit in the academic world. Based on an article by Dianne Rothenberg who’s from the College of Education Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative did surveys and experiments in many different schools and she says that students who go a full day of kindergarten exhibited more independent learning, classroom involvement, and productivity in work with peers and effectiveness in their later school years. This is saying is that when a child goes a full day of kindergarten they learn how to become a “student” and the rules of the school, which really only prepares them for the real years of schools.

Full day kindergarten means that the teacher can teach more in-depth to the students and pay more individual attention. Full day kindergarten helps a child develop social skills, which include conflict strategies. (Rothenberg) Being a mother I know every young child needs to learn certain skills that cannot be taught from inside the home. When the child is introduced to kindergarten he/she starts to make friends and learns what sharing is. The magic of kindergarten is that it opens children’s eyes and gives them hands on experience. The facts are I can play with my son as much as possible but when it comes to other children he’s going to act different around them.

Many parents would have the questions of what their child is being taught when they’re at school all day as a kindergartener. According to Patricia Clark in her book Recent Research on All-day Kindergarten, “The curriculum for full day kindergarten is that most of the day is spent in small groups doing teacher directed activities. She also states that teacher say, “they feel less rushed into doing the work with a full day and can get to know each child needs.” (Clark) Knowing that this is a statement from a real teacher makes me feel better about sending my child to a full day kindergarten in a few years. When a teacher wants to be able to teach a young student it makes the whole school system stronger.

There is an experimental study to find if there is truly a difference between full day kindergarten and half day kindergarten, this study was run by Thomas C. Holmes and Barbara M. McConnell. This study took 326 students who went a full day of kindergarten and 311 that went half of a day. They were doing test to see if the overall scores went up in visual recognition, sound recognition, vocabulary, and language expression, math concepts and applications.  The results showed that the biggest difference was the scores in the math concepts and applications. Researchers also determined that girls scored higher than boys in full day and half day. Also shown was that boys in full day kindergarten scored much higher in math concepts than boys that were only in a half a day kindergarten. (Thoms C. Homles ,Barbara M. McConnell) You can read this experiment yourself at http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/search/detailmini.jsp?_nfpb=true&_&ERICExtSearch_SearchValue_0=ED369540&ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=no&accno=ED369540  to see the evidence. Full day kindergarten is benefits every child, in different ways.

However, many people still believe that half-day kindergarten is what young child really need. After reading another blog post that is for Half day kindergarten it pointed one of the only reasons you could support half a day. Children need more home time. The post says that you can’t replace your parents and the stuff you learn at home. (Sarahk)

Not many people can argue with the evidence that was just shown. Full day kindergarten would be very beneficial and help your child the most. No parent wants to let their five year old go to school but when their doing school that’s going to benefit them later in life. How can you argue? We all want what’s best for our children, which is the future. Full day kindergarten will get the generation off to a good start.

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