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Why High School Sucks

For many people high school was horrible, a waste of time, and for the most part miserable to be in.  High school is nothing but a daycare for kids that are too old to go to daycare.  The only thing that high school teaches you is how to survive.  It’s full of kids with their different clicks like the jocks, the cheerleaders, band geeks, book worms, the skaters, the gothic kids, the emo kids, and many more.  High school is all politics you are who you are because who you know, just like when it comes to your grades.  You get good grades because of who you are not how smart you are.  What can you blame for this? Education reform is the main culprit.

What is education reform you might ask?  Well education reform is the differentiation in teaching methods for the purpose of improving educational environments. (ask.com)  education is everywhere in our schools today.  You can’t go into a classroom without finding a little bit of it.  It’s the way teachers teach, it’s the way teachers give test, it’s the way teachers even dumb down there class so kids can pass, and it’s everywhere.  One of the most common uses of this is in dumbing down the classes.  This is the worst thing a teacher could possibly do, but even then most kids still can’t pass.  So then the teachers came up with ways to cheat the system.  They start just handing out grades to all the students.   Giving a’s to the students who did most of the work and b’s to the students who did little to none of the work.  To me this is stupid doing this is making us a dumb America. We are living in an America full of kids that can’t even balance a checkbook.  The kids we are just letting by are going to be tomorrow’s legislator, president, governor do we really want people like this make our one decisions for us people that can’t even locate the United States on a world map.  This is all due to education reform and all the policies passed like no child left behind and standardized testing.  Programs like this are hurting kids in school because the teachers are teaching the bare minimum to get by thus allowing most of the students to pass.  Which accentually this is what the government wants more kids passing and staying in school and school wants the kids to keep coming because the more students they have the more government money they get.  Also when the teachers teach the only teach wheat is going to be expected on the end of the year test because at the end of the day it’s all about the test scores.  Education reform is killing our kids it’s almost better to keep them out of school and teach them yourself because you could do a better job teaching them because the school isn’t.  All they want is to look good at the end of the year.  I went to high school for four years and to be quite honest I learned more on my own talking about what happened in class than I did when the teacher was standing up front preaching that we will need to know this.  All high school is a babysitting service for older kids.  You are not being taught anything I’ve been college for two years now and I’ve learned more in the past years then I learned in the past four I was in high school.

Education reform is the worst thing that has happened to our school in a long time.  It is doing nothing good it is only making us a stupid America full of people who can’t balance a check book locate America on a world map or even write a standard paper.  Is this what we really want a dumb America?  I know I don’t.  At this rate in the near feature these kids will be running our country. If they don’t know where the United States is we could possibly go to war with ourselves, and turn our diploma into nothing but a joke.

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