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Teacher Lockdown

For some time now there has been a decline in America’s test scores in math and literature.  While some people blame the no child left behind act, I think the biggest problem that the school system faces today is how easy it is for someone to become a teacher.  I have two examples I am going to go over and when I am done hopefully a lot of people should agree with what I am saying.

The first example I have is an old chemistry teacher I had in high school that I feel kept me from my biggest ambition in life which was to become a micro biologist.  Of course the idea of taking a chemistry class seemed exciting to me because I knew it would be needed for my future career, but when I got to class I noticed something, the room smelled like Jack Daniels and the teacher was stumbling around the class.  Every day for the rest of the year the teacher would show up to class in the same shape.  He never gave us any homework or assignments.  Like everyone else in the class, I passed with an A because he was too drunk to care.  After a few days of being in chemistry at college, I realized I had no idea what was going on.  The professor listened to my story and said if I was to pursue a career as a micro biologist I would be set back about two years.  So I changed my major and my life goal.  If the board of education was stricter on teachers to do their job and not worry about tenure, a lot more students would get a better education to prepare them for college and their future.  If nothing else, if the board noticed one of their teachers were slacking or doing something unsatisfactory, they could investigate what could have possibly caused the change in the teacher and get them the help they need.  By the lack of involvement, I am forced to believe that all the board of education really cares about is the money they receive and nothing else.

The last example I would like to talk about involves a friend of mine that has recently graduated from college and is now teaching second grade.  She is an okay person when it comes to listening but that is about it.  She has serious psychotic problems and cuts herself on the occasion and even does drugs.  While at school people reported her behavior which lead her to the campus therapist and a prescription of anti depressants but that didn’t even seem to play a factor in employment with the school system.  The fact that she is put in a classroom of young children to teach them life skills they need when she has none amazes me to no end of how easy it is to become a teacher.  If the board of education did see this, that means they are putting the lives of children at risk.  Perhaps it has something to do with the 250,000 job openings in the school system today.  According to Brian Stocker there are between 150,000 and 250,000 job openings in the first and secondary school systems.  Although it is too early to tell if she is having any affect on the children, one can claim that the chances of any affect being positive are slim.  If the board of education was to spend a little more of the money they receive on paying teachers, maybe they would get more applicants and be able to find the teachers that are hazardous.

Hopefully after reading this blog, you will be able to look back and think about your teachers and decide if any of them were a hindrance to your current job or any other job you have had.  This blog should also help you keep an eye on your kids current teachers to make sure they are getting the best education that they can.

  1. justin
    December 8, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    Well first things first, can we completely condemn only the teachers for student’s poor test scores or is it much bigger then that. Could we in retrospect blame society as a whole for allowing such poor examples of remodels educate our young children? Doesn’t society dictate how people act and how people should perceive others in our daily live? I believe this to be true so why don’t we start with putting the blame on ourselves for in some ways effectively killing the curriculum for younger generations. We are the ones setting bad precedents for others; we are the age of alcoholics, druggies, and the farthest thing from having quintessential morals. We are the ones that would rather cast our eyes away from the helpless person on the side of the road rather than take some time out of our day to help them. Simply because we perceive that not to be our problem and we have way to much on hand to stop for 5 seconds and ask someone what is wrong. We are the generation that just looks out for “me”. Chances are if you are not in someone’s family then you really don’t matter to that particular person. So maybe we should take a broad look at ourselves and ask ourselves that tough question that everyone would rather ignore. Instead of judging people from afar, live their life, walk a mile in there shoes, and only then can you make true generalizations about that person.
    I don’t believe being a teacher is one of the most sought after jobs because being a teacher takes a strong willed person. It’s not like sitting at a desk and interacting with people on the phone. Teachers must interact with students in person and thy must be strong enough to deal with whatever is on that students mind. Why downplay the criteria for being a teacher when you yourself probably couldn’t handle the duties of being a teacher. Yes I am sure everyone has had a bad teacher that made you wonder why this person has their job but why let that teacher have a negative impact on the way you view and person in the education system. You would not be where you are today if it wasn’t for the teachers you had in high school. Teachers don’t do what they do for the money because we all know that for what they go through their wages are below what they should be. Teachers teach because they have a strong passion to educate the uneducated not because it allows them to live a very wealthy life.
    Lastly, if we are going to blame someone for allowing drunks to be teachers than that should fall with the school and board of directors. It’s the boards duty to hire ethically sound individuals that will be a very good remodel for younger generations. So if a school has many bad teachers take a good look at the board and the school itself. Than ask yourself, are these teachers and staff being paid adequately, is the school doing what’s best for its students or just their pockets, and is the state and federal government doing all that it can to make sure our kids aren’t taught by crazy, alcoholic, psychopathic individuals.

  2. December 8, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    I see where your coming from and I assure you I do not place blame on all of the teachers I have had for anything in my life. Just that once instance. As far as you saying teachers teach because they want to better educate others, I find that to be completely false. Most teachers teach because they are well educated in one subject and cant find a “big boy job” in the real world with decent pay so they settle for teaching. That may not be the case in most cases but it does happen more often than you would imagine. As for the drunk in my school, I already said it was mostly the boards problem for hiring him but he has to take some of the blame as well. It kind of points out my point about surplus of jobs for teaching and how the boards now a days will take pretty much anyone. I personally come from an area with a well known drug problem and a lot of the teachers board of education are known drug addicts. Hell, even the head of the boards son died a few years back from an overdose and the teacher that died was my 8th grade history teacher. I really don’t think that the government cares how the schools teach the children any more. But that is just my opinion.

  3. Bay
    December 10, 2010 at 12:37 am

    Well yeah, everybody has or had that one teacher that could care less. They show up in bad conditions, not really caring about their job, letting you do whatever you want in class and getting away with it and also making up lesson plans just to get by and should be fired. They only teach what they have to get by, the only materials they cover is what shows up at the end of the year test. You know the big test that makes the teachers look good. I have also realized here recently that the school boards keep experienced teachers. Then the schools pink cards the newer teacher and leaving them without a job, meaning since there new there might be a lot of other new teachers therefore not having room for them so they get fired. I have an aunt that gets carded every year because the schools keep the older teacher.

  4. Beth
    December 15, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Should teachers be made more accountable and take more responsibility in the handling of our children’s lives? There is only one correct answer here and that is yes. Teachers should inspire our kids to think and to become proactive adults. Teachers should be respectful and live by a certain moral code. They do influence kids by their behaviors in and outside of the classrooms. Teachers should be competent in every subject matter that they teach.
    I live in small community and most of the teachers here have gotten their jobs because of who they know on the school board instead of what they truly know. Our local schools are now paying the price for this as the state has now stepped in to correct the problem because of our low test scores. I am one of the few lucky parents for my child excels in school not because of what the teachers have done for her but because she will take the time to basically teach herself if I do not know the material myself.
    I can think of one situation that happened last year with her. She is in an accelerated math class but one night while doing homework I could hear her becoming more frustrated. The class was high school Algebra 1 and the teacher had taught them how to do it but there was wrong problem. She taught them wrong. I showed my daughter the correct way. The following day in class she was the only one who had the correct answers to the homework assignment. My daughter pointed out to the teacher that she had showed them wrong the day before and got mad at my daughter for correcting her. How many other times has this teacher taught students incorrectly and not been told otherwise. Who does this benefit? Certainly not any of the students in her classroom. I am assuming that this does happen in other schools and counties.
    You have teachers coming to school high or drunk. We have even had a teacher arrested for selling drugs out of his desk. How is that allowed to happen and to continue for years without any consequences. Perhaps the school board who does the hiring should also be made accountable when events like this happen. School should be a place of learning and curiosity to expand children’s minds. They should be able to attend school in a safe environment and have a good learning experience.
    I believe that teachers should be made to test in their subject matter every couple of years and to take refresher courses as new material becomes available. I think that teachers should also be reviewed every couple of years to make sure they are getting the job done correctly. They have job reviews in other occupations and if they are not getting it done right they don’t have a job. One thing that is important is that parents need to be active in the child’s education. Go the school regularly and personally talk to the teachers. Ask questions. Be proactive in your child’s education.

  5. December 19, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    I also feel that the board should be accountable just as much as teachers. Especially when teachers are hired because they know someone. I feel if the people that get hired don’t have to work to get their job, then they will not have to work to keep it. That may be one reason a lot of teachers slack in their enthusiasm to teach. Our school didn’t have any drug dealers as a teach that I know of, but we had three teachers that I know of that would of passed you with an A for a hand full of pills. One of the teachers I am referring to was the son of the president on the board that over dosed a few years back. As far as our teachers being reviewed every couple of years, that already happens once a year by the president of the school. But I am forced to believe that the president over the school will not fire a teacher based on the review as it would make them look bad as well. A simple change to hire a third party that would not be tempted to have any sort of feeling when reviewing a teacher would make a significant difference as well. There are a lot of things wrong with the school systems today and the only people that don’t see it are the teachers and the board of education.

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